The Rhino Times hates to be the bearer of bad news but it’s time to start worrying about preparing your 2020 income taxes. 

Everyone knows it’s a pain to do taxes.  However, if your income isn’t too high, the City of High Point has volunteers who’ll help you do them for free.

That help is provided annually through a program known as the “High Point Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program,” (VITA) which offers free tax preparation by IRS-certified volunteers for those who are income-eligible.

 People or families with a 2020 household income of $57,000 or less will be able to get the tax prep help starting on Tuesday, Feb. 9 and they can get it right up until the deadline for filing – April 15.

A press release from the city states that those who take part may save themselves some money on their tax bill.

“IRS-certified volunteer tax preparers are trained to recognize when a taxpayer qualifies for refund-boosting tax credits, and VITA makes a special effort to help eligible taxpayers claim these helpful credits such as the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC), among others.”

The program offers electronic filing for returns and direct deposits for tax refunds when people are lucky enough to get one.

The tax preparation service is available by appointment only, six days a week, at six different sites. Hours vary by day and location.

Please visit to view the available slots for each location and sign-up for an appointment. Potential program participants can also contact program officials at 336-883-3041 or they can email questions to

Due to the pandemic, special precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of taxpayers and the tax workers during the preparation process – including drive-up and drop-off and car-side tax preparation.

Taxpayers will have the choice of face-to-face or a drive-up meeting for the initial intake. These options differ based on location. All completed returns will have a scheduled pick-up appointment.