Ever since former High Point City Manager Greg Demko resigned suddenly late last week, a lot of people have been talking about the event, however, the High Point City Council members who were in the closed room where the decision was made haven’t been saying much at all.

And they’re still not saying much.

On Tuesday, May 26, High Point Mayor Jay Wagner did release a statement regarding the controversial affair – however, anyone who hoped for an explanation of what really went on only found in the mayor’s statement a thank you to Demko for his service and a recounting of what’s already publically known.

Wagner’s statement started with the bare facts: “On Friday, May 22, 2020, City Manager Greg Demko resigned as City Manager of High Point. The High Point City Council accepted that resignation effective immediately.”

The vote to accept the resignation was 6 to 3, with Wagner being one of the yes votes. A brief moment of leaked audio from the closed session revealed the High Point City Attorney saying, “Oh My God, what a cluster….” But, needless to say, Wagner’s statement didn’t go into the details as to why the meeting was “a cluster….”

“Manager Demko led our city during a time of increased focus on strategic priorities designed to boost and stabilize our property tax base,” Wagner stated. “These strategic priorities have resulted in the prioritization of blight reduction and new downtown quality of life amenities such as BB&T Point, the High Point Rockers, and over $200 million in accompanying investment. The City thanks Mr. Demko for his service to the organization and our community and wishes him well in his future endeavors.”

A lot of people – including Wagner in this current statement – have said very positive things about the job Demko did, however, that only raises more questions as to why, given the praise, a majority of the High Point City Council wanted him gone.

Wagner’s release goes on to state that, in the very near future, the City Council will begin to start looking for a new manager. Also, Wagner noted that the City Council had named Deputy City Manager Randy McCaslin as the Interim city manager and stated that the councilmembers appreciated “his willingness to serve our city again in this capacity.”