Growing High Point, which is a local non-profit dedicated “to urban agriculture and community development,” announced this week the establishment of a herb garden at the Stock and Grain Assembly Food Hall in High Point.

According to Growing High Point officials, the initiative aims “to enhance the culinary experience of visitors while promoting sustainability and community engagement.”

If you are a herb garden aficionado, the new garden, found at the Cahoots patio of the food hall, will feature a wide range of herbs that you’ll like, including basil, rosemary, thyme, parsley and oregano.

These fresh herbs will be available for use by the food hall’s vendors – which will mean that the people who eat there will enjoy some of the freshest flavors that can be found in meals anywhere in the state.

Also, the garden will serve as an educational tool by showcasing the benefits of urban agriculture, and it will encourage visitors to consider growing their own herbs at home.

Growing High Point Executive Director Jodi Sarver said there will be multiple benefits.

“We are thrilled to partner with Stock and Grain Assembly on this project,” Sarver stated in a press release. “This herb garden not only supports our mission to promote urban farming but also enhances the community’s connection to fresh, healthy, and locally sourced food.”

The installation of the herb garden is part of Growing High Point’s broader effort to turn vacant lots around the city into productive green spaces. By introducing agriculture into those settings, the organization hopes to improve access to fresh produce, support local businesses and also foster a sense of community.

Two of Growing High Point’s youth employees, Noah McCall and James Ingram, worked with Farm to Table Coordinator Amanda Mitchell and AmeriCorps VISTA Dani Rubio to install the garden’s raised beds.

The Growing High Point team will continue to oversee the planting and maintenance of the garden.

Planter materials were sourced locally from Soviero’s Tri-County Garden Center in High Point.

Stock and Grain Assembly, which is known for offering a wide variety of food choices in one locale, is the perfect place for this project according to Growing High Point.

“The food hall’s commitment to sustainability and local sourcing aligns perfectly with Growing High Point’s vision,” the press release notes. “The collaboration is expected to inspire other businesses and community members to adopt similar practices.”