The High Point City Council was split last month on whether or not to accept the resignation of former High Point City Manager Greg Demko; however, on Monday, June 15, the council was completely united – 9 to 0 to be exact – in offering a contract to Interim City Manager Randy McCaslin to fill that job – for the time being.

Despite approving the contract with McCaslin, the City Council will continue to search for a new manager since McCaslin has made public his plans to retire in the not to distant future. The new contract between McCaslin and the city provides McCaslin with a nice bump in pay during his remaining time with the city. That’s always something that government employees like to see toward the end of their careers since it means greater pay throughout their retirement years.

As the deputy city manager for nearly 14 years, the well-respected McCaslin has overseen the city’s administrative office, its transportation and engineering services, and customer service as well as other aspects of High Point City government.

Now, he’ll have a whole new set of responsibilities – if only for a relatively short time.

The High Point City Council, which went through a major transformation after the November 2019 election, is said by many to be seeking a new direction for the city. The new council has made clear its intention to focus some of its efforts on things like diversity in hiring, more city contracts with minority businesses and on revitalization efforts that go beyond the downtown area that’s gotten so much attention over the years.

McCaslin has already been very busy in his new role as the administrative leader of the city. June is the month when the city adopts a new budget each year.