It’s not easy being in the transportation business during this period of pandemic existence, but Ward 5 High Point City Councilmember Victor Jones is trying to make the most of it for his company, Royal Limousine, which has begun publicizing itself as the safest way to take a trip to the store or anywhere else right now.

The limo business has lost everything from proms to the furniture market due to the coronavirus pandemic, and many limo companies have shut down for now – however, Jones said this week that he gave it some thought and he realized that limos might be just what the doctor ordered.

“I’m not sure how newsworthy this might be, but it could really help those in need of transportation and help our industry,” Jones said of publicizing the point that limousines actually offer enough space to transport people while adhering to new rules meant as virus protection.

“Upon some thought about how to continue to stay in business during this,” Jones wrote in an email, “it occurred to me that we are the only type of transportation that can transport passengers and comply with social distancing suggestions.”

“You can’t take a cab or Uber and comply with the 6-foot-rule,” he added, “only limousines.”

Even his company’s smallest limousines provide more than 10 feet of space between the driver and the passenger – not to mention that the vehicles are equipped with a partition that normally might give prom lovebirds some much-needed privacy but nowadays can provide protection against a deadly virus.

And the price of a limo ride has come down significantly.

“We are booking our limos at our sedan prices to help those in need,” Jones stated.

And, though Jones didn’t make this point, just think how impressed your neighbors will be when you pull up to the Harris Teeter in a limousine and the driver opens the door and you step out.

He said that his company takes other precautions as well.

“Our drivers wipe down the interior of the limousine completely between each passenger with a solution of alcohol for safe measures.”