The City of High Point is about to completely rebrand itself and, to that end, city leaders will host a brand launch event on Saturday, Aug. 5 – from 4:30 p.m. to  6:30 p.m. at the Plaza at Truist Point, 301 N. Elm St.

The event is to celebrate the introduction of High Point’s new brand after a year-long community branding project.

This will be a chance for the public to see the new city logo and as well as learn about some of the rationale behind the new brand.  It will also be a chance for High Point residents to “celebrate the brand identity that is reflective and inclusive of all residents.”

But it won’t just be a day when people look at a graphic and hear a few things about it.  It will also be a party.  There will be live music, food, beverages, craft beer, creative stations for kids and adults and photo and art opportunities to showcase the creativity within the community.

Attendees can also get a free T-shirt or City flag while supplies last.

High Point leaders have scheduled the launch to coincide with the August Social District Saturday, when people can drink outside in a certain area of downtown. The downtown district is allowed by a North Carolina state law that allows local governments to designate outdoor districts where alcohol can be taken out of bars and restaurants and consumed.  After the event, attendees are encouraged to enjoy the High Point Rockers game and all the social district has to offer.

The High Point community branding project was begun by City Council as part of a larger strategic plan meant to “develop a community-wide brand that supports and elevates all city organizations, entities, businesses and residents.”

In addition to new visual design components, the project included the development of brand messaging along with economic development strategies.

High Point has been doing very well in recent years when it comes to economic development, however some city officials have said that a new, more modern rebranding of the city’s image would help even more.

The city’s new branding reflects High Point’s position as “a diverse community of creatives and makers who collaborate and combine things in new ways and solve problems with new ideas,” according to promotional material sent out for the August rebranding event.

For more information on High Point’s re\branding initiative, visit