The local and national elections aren’t until fall, but, regardless, in recent weeks, the people of High Point and the surrounding area have been voting up a storm on an issue of tremendous importance to many in that city – what name should be given to a highly popular eagle that soars in and out of the area each year.

The City of High Point has been conducting an online poll and a vote-based contest to round up name suggestions and to decide on the very best one for the famous bald eagle that visits High Point every year. One spot the eagle seems to enjoy in particular is the Kersey Valley Landfill in High Point.

In fact, the City of High Point and its residents, in recent weeks, have been a little bit obsessed with the landfill-loving bird. The city even had to warn people that unauthorized visitors cannot go to the landfill in search of the majestic avian. Area residents do have the option, city officials posted online, of going on scheduled tours of the landfill where there might be a sighting of the eagle if it was a lucky day for that batch of birdwatchers.

The eagle now finally has a name if not a stationary home. On Thursday, Aug. 15, the online voting closed and the people of High Point had spoken: The eagle’s official new name would be…

Wait for it. Drum roll please…


The name, a widely used one in the High Point/Jamestown area, beat out other contenders such as Birdie McBirdface and Landfill Larry. In the end, the voting came down to the two most popular names: Kersey and Freedom.

While some voters lost out on their preferred eagle name, they are no doubt just happy that, in High Point, once again this year, everyone can say proudly, “The eagle has landed.”