Former Republican Guilford County Commissioner Alan Branson is getting back in the political arena – and this time he’s running at the state rather than county level.

“I have dedicated 8 years serving the people of Guilford County’s District 4 as their County Commissioner and now I am ready to step up and do the same as a public servant in the NC State House representing Guilford County’s District 59,” Branson announced on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

During his two terms as a Guilford County commissioner Branson was known for his straight talk even if it meant drawing criticism from the politically correct crowd.  He was also known for his staunch political conservatism and the colorful plaid jackets that he occasionally wore.

A very close commissioners race removed him from his longtime seat on that board three years ago, but Branson has remained involved politically.

 He has frequently come to Guilford County Commissioners meetings to voice his opinions from the floor on things like gun owner rights and drug dealer threats in southeastern Guilford County.

 At one county commissioners meeting, Branson spoke four different times.

Now, he wants to have a larger say in things – and he already has some support in that effort.

“I have received endorsements from Former Sheriff BJ Barnes, Former Board of Guilford County Commissioners Jeff Phillips and Justin Conrad along with Guilford County Commissioner Alan Perdue,” Branson noted in his campaign announcement.

He also spoke of his plans and priorities.

“As a member of the NC House,” Branson stated, “I will focus on job creation, economic development, public safety, government efficiency, and expanding educational opportunities for children.  I will continue the work that the current Republican majority has done to make North Carolina the best state to live, work and raise a family.”

Branson said this week that many veterans, seniors and working families are struggling right now and that their pain and pleas for help need to be felt and heard “in the halls of the capitol from someone willing to listen and advocate for them.”

“I will appreciate your prayers and support as I move forward in my candidacy for NC State House of Representatives District 59,” he stated.