The Guilford County Board of Commissioners, when adopting the new 2024-2025 county budget in June, won’t increase property taxes – mostly because the 2022 revaluation of property prices countywide brought the board a windfall of about $92 million extra each year since the board didn’t adjust the tax rate lower to compensate property owners for their new much higher values.

However, just because you won’t see an increase in your property tax rate, doesn’t mean the county won’t be hitting you up for more money when it comes to the fees and charges you see every time you use a county service.

Each year, the county manager’s proposed budget includes the fee schedule for the coming fiscal year that begins on July 1. This year it will soon be fiscal 2024-2025, and it’s very rare for the county commissioners, who have the ultimate say on the final budget, to change that fee schedule before a county budget is adopted.

In the 2024-2025 recommended budget proposed by Guilford County Manager Mike Halford, some fees are doubled, some are tripled and some are five times more than what they are currently.

This will bring the county extra revenue – but county officials say that the new fee schedule is being introduced to  “align Guilford County’s fees with regional peers, including counties and cities.”

In the proposed budget, likely to become law in regard to recommended fees, cat adoption fees, for instance, will increase from $25 to $75. At the same time the fee for “senior cats’ increases from $10 to $50.  If you want to adopt a dog after July 1, that’s scheduled to cost you $75 rather than the $50 it does now.

The same types of increases apply to inspections. Building, electrical,  plumbing mechanical, fuel piping and gas log inspections, which now all cost $40, will each cost $75 if the county manager’s budget is adopted as is.

To mention a few other ways Guilford  County will be hitting you up in the new fiscal year, subdivision plan review, will go from $150 to $200 per plat, and rezoning fees will increase from $500 to $1,000 per case.

The fee for renaming roads in Guilford County will more than triple: It will move from $100 per renaming to $385, while road closing fees will increase from the current price of $126  to $381.

If you enjoy playing pickleball on county courts, you’ll be paying more for that privilege after July 1 unless the commissioners alter the fee schedules, which is highly unlikely.  The price is going up from $12 to $15 per hour.

There are similar increases for the use of county swimming pools, renting baskets of golf balls and accessing other services on county properties.

These are just a few of the ways Guilford County government will hit you up with new fees and charges in the coming fiscal year – so just be thankful the board isn’t piling on a big property tax rate increase on top of all that.