Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers has just put out an interesting press release.  Usually, when the Sheriff’s Department puts out a release, the sheriff is looking for the public’s help in finding a wanted person.  However, on Monday, March 22, a release seemed to be a public message to prospective officers that pay and benefits were improving at the department.

The March 22 press release stated that Rogers “wants to express his concern over the inability to maintain veteran deputies and detention officers largely due to salaries and benefits.” Rogers stated in the release that, under the previous Guilford County Manager, Marty Lawing – who was asked to resign in December – Sheriff’s Department salaries were reduced and raises were withheld.  It also stated that benefits were taken away and a pay study that was recommended wasn’t fully funded and was only implemented partially.

Guilford County’s sheriff went on to state that other law-enforcement agencies in the surrounding area have been paying officers better in recent years – and that’s been making it hard for his department to attract and retain deputies.

As of the start of 2021, Guilford County has had a new county manager – Mike Halford and, since early December, he has had a new, Democratic-majority Guilford County Board of Commissioners.  Rogers spoke of the improving situation under the new leaders.

“Sheriff Rogers appreciates the efforts of the new County Manager, Michael Halford, Board of Commissioners Chairman Skip Alston and other County Commissioners for reaching out to see what they can do to help with the retention and recruiting issues for the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office,” the release states.  “County Manager Halford and the County Commissioners did retroactively implement the new Step Plan, and if it continues to be funded, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office will begin to be competitive once again within a few years.”

In recent years, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department has had trouble filling vacancies for both patrol officers and detention officers.

The press release stated that Rogers wants the people of Guilford County to know that he’s working “diligently’ with Halford, Alston and others on ways to keep the trained and best qualified deputies employed with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department. 

Rogers stated that, in the past, the department has spent thousands of dollars training officers only to see them take a job with another law enforcement agency.