Everyone knows that there are all sorts of threats out there from severe weather to Chinese weather balloons to wildfires and building collapses – you name it.

Heck, Guilford County even has a pretty good-sized earthquake hit now and then.

County officials don’t know what kinds of hazards will materialize in the future, but they are doing some long-term planning to mitigate those threats.

Worried citizens can keep up with what’s being done: Guilford County has just released its annual progress report on the implementation of the county’s “Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan” – which county staff shortens to the utterly unpronounceable “GCHMP.”

“Guilford County Emergency Management developed the GCHMP as part of their commitment to creating a more resilient community and to reduce the impacts of natural or man-made disasters,” a Tuesday, June 6 press release from the county explains. “The Hazard Mitigation Planning Team, including numerous county departments, local jurisdictions, and interested stakeholders, assisted in compiling the plan and updates on implementation. A progress report on GCHMP implementation is compiled annually to track progress and ensure Guilford County continues to meet applicable FEMA and state requirements for Hazard Mitigation Plans.”

The county’s plan attempts to anticipate potential threats that could hit county and assess ahead of time the things that might be done to reduce property damage and prevent injury or death in the case of either natural or man-made disasters.

Some of the most common threats in this county are floods, tornadoes and ice storms.

The plan is required if the county wants to be eligible to receive state and federal relief after a disaster.

“Guilford County is committed to reducing the impacts of disasters across the county, including the various municipalities we serve,” Assistant Guilford County Manager Erris Dunston stated in light of the new report.

Dunston added, “Guilford County will continue to work with the City of Greensboro to update a Hazard Mitigation Plan to ensure we are prepared for and able to recover from any natural or man-made disasters.”

The county’s update to the plan can be found on the Guilford County Emergency Management website, under the “Mitigation” tab.

The full Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan is available on the Guilford County Emergency Management website or by following the link with the easy to remember web address of…


County officials remind residents that the most important steps they can take to protect themselves, their families, and their property is to make preparations and register for the Guilford Emergency Alert, Notification, and Information System by visiting ReadyGuilford.org.