The State of North Carolina may be opening up when it comes to many things, but there are still a lot of future events that the pandemic is preventing or delaying – and the opening of the pools run by Guilford County is one of those things.

On Tuesday, May 19, Guilford County announced that the aquatic centers at the county’s parks “will remain closed until further notice due to Covid-19.”

In years that don’t include a worldwide pandemic, the pools and other water attractions at the county’s parks generally open on Memorial Day and stay open through Labor Day. The county’s May 19 announcement came six days before Memorial Day Monday, May 25. County officials say they are keeping an eye on the situation and they will keep the public informed.

County staff at Bur-Mil Park, Hagan-Stone Park and Northeast Park are said to be working closely with county health officials – and are frequently checking the guidance from the NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) – in order to determine when the county-run pools can be opened safely.

“Things continue to change very quickly,” said Guilford County Parks Division Director Christopher Horrigan on Tuesday. “We hope to be able to reopen as soon as it is recommended. In the meantime, the Parks Department is working on having our operation plans ready to go to open facilities in a manner that is safe for the community and our employees.”

The good news is that Guilford County’s parks, trails and open spaces will remain open to the public ­– albeit with modified hours and a limited set of available amenities.

County staff is, of course, continuing to encourage all parks’ visitors to practice social distancing guidelines and engage in other practices that reduce the spread of COVID-19. For instance, it is not a good idea to hug strangers one comes across while hiking a park trail.