Santa Claus has a list he keeps of kids who’ve been good or bad and the Guilford County Tax Department also creates a list of its own this time each year – a list of any home improvements which took place in 2022, and any new taxable property acquired.

This Christmastime, the Tax Department put out a notice to all Guilford County property owners that the listing for 2023 Guilford County property taxes will begin on Tuesday, Jan 3.

“All persons and businesses in Guilford County are required by North Carolina law to list for taxation before midnight January 31, 2023, personal property owned on January 1, 2023,” the notice warned.

By law, the listing must include any additions, improvements – or deletions for that matter – that were made to property during 2022.

Some examples of things that must be reported to the Tax Department are new aluminum or vinyl siding, an added swimming pool, the addition of central heat and/or air conditioning, and new backyard storage buildings or detached garages.

Online and downloadable listing forms can be filled out and  then submitted in person, by mail or electronically.

Personal property items must also be listed.  That includes boats and other watercraft, mobile homes, previously unregistered motor vehicles, airplanes, helicopters and property used in connection with a business.

Most vehicles in use don’t have to be included on the personal property listing form since property taxes for those are included and paid any time a license plate is given out or renewed.  However, owners must still list vehicles that don’t have a current North Carolina license plate.

If you’re a property owner who hasn’t received a personal property listing form by Friday, Jan. 13, you should call one of the numbers below to request a form …

  • Individual Personal Property 336-641-3320
  • Business Personal Property 336-641-3345
  • Real Property 336-641-4814

Listings submitted in person or postmarked after January 31 will be subject to a penalty. Business listings sent in electronically after May 15, 2023, will likewise be subject to a penalty.

Also, be honest or it could come back to bite you: Unlisted property will be subject to discovery and penalty.

If you need assistance, you can visit

Tax Department staff are available during regular business hours to assist taxpayers who have questions or need other help.  The department does work with those who are disabled, veterans or elderly who are financially challenged. The deadline for applications for tax relief is June 1, 2023.