Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers and the department he runs have recently been putting an emphasis on nabbing those people who dump waste illegally in the county since the problem has become pervasive. 

That’s especially turning out to be the case in the northwest section of Guilford County, and, on Wednesday, Sept. 22, the Sheriff’s Department released pictures to the media of some of the suspected offenders.

Department officials stated that, over the last few months, the Sheriff’s Department has been investigating “numerous acts of illegal dumping on Water Oak Road between Goodwill Church Road and Happy Hill Road in Stokesdale.”

In addition to being unsightly, illegally dumped waste can be a danger to kids, pets and adults.  Large dumps can also lead to soil and water contamination and can disrupt wildlife ecosystems. Persistent dumping can lead to health problems in an area and create an expense for innocent property owners while simultaneously bringing down property values.

Other county departments have focused on the issue before.  Several years ago, the Guilford County Department of Public Health – now part of the county’s Department of Health and Human Services – undertook an effort to battle dumping and litter especially along roadways.

According to the  Sept. 18 statement from the Sheriff’s Department, illegally dumped garbage and waste is already creating hazardous conditions in sections of the county.  

The department  has asked the public to help find these trashy folks and help bring them to justice.

Some of the photographs released by the department were taken before the illegal dumping, while some were taken after.

The Sheriff’s Department can be reached at 336-641-3694