Fifteen years from now, the skies over Guilford County will no doubt be filled with flying cars and the county commissioners will be taking orders from our AI overlords after the rise of the machines. Though preventing Skynet from becoming self-aware and controlling traffic jams in the sky may be our biggest problems in the future, Guilford County now has an update to its 2040 Comprehensive Plan that’s dealing with items a little more down to earth.

The Guilford County Planning and Development Department has just released a draft of “Guiding Guilford, A Comprehensive Plan Update,” which is intended to serve as “a guide for Guilford County to help ensure development within the county takes place in a manner that aligns with the community’s vision for both the built and natural environments over the next 15-20 years.”

The long-term plan looks at things like land use and infrastructure concerns such as public water and sewer and transportation options.

The plan also encompasses economic issues and the preservation of the natural environment.

For those who would like to view the document, the comprehensive plan draft can be found online by visiting the Comprehensive Plan webpage at County residents are being encouraged to read the draft plan and offer feedback by completing a short survey by Monday, August 5, 2024.

That Comprehensive Plan Update survey can also be found on

In addition, you can also view presentations and read answers to frequently asked questions by visiting the comprehensive plan webpage.

Here’s a list from the county regarding what’s been done so far:

  • Through a community-wide survey and workshops, collected community input on the goals and vision for the future about topics such as growth, development, land use, housing, transportation, economics, services and infrastructure.
  • Gained an understanding of the current conditions of land use, and the best future vision for the county.
  • Created the draft plan that outlines key outcomes of the planning process and plan recommendations.

So, what’s next in the process?

Well, updates to the draft plan will incorporate the new feedback from the community.

After review, the final draft will be presented to the Guilford County Planning Board and the Board of Commissioners for adoption.

If you have questions about the plan, you should contact the Guilford County Planning and Development Department at 336-641-3334 or e-mail