The COVID-19 pandemic has created some real deals on office space for businesses – but even those deals can’t match the deal Guilford County is getting on some space it rents in McLeansville.

The Guilford County Board of Commissioners sent out a public notice this week that, at the commissioners first meeting in April – on Thursday, April 7 – the board intends to authorize the county’s “lease or rental” of property at 5440 Millstream Road in McLeansville for a period of five years.

The price the county is paying for the space each year?


So, the total expense to rent the space for the next half-decade will be $5.

The county is renting the office space from CCC Development Partners, LLC, and the deal is an extension of a long-standing agreement for the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department’s District 2 Office to be housed there.

The very favorable terms extend back years ago when former Sheriff BJ Barnes was leading the department. Barnes said the property owners appreciate the added security of having the Sheriff’s Department operations on the premises.  He said the department’s presence makes the other space in the area more attractive to renters.

The county’s new lease on Millstream Road begins on May 15, 2022, and expires on May 14, 2027.

Also, at the board’s first meeting in April, the commissioners intend to rent out some of the county’s own property.  The agenda calls for the board to lease office space at 3307 Burlington Road in Greensboro to the current occupant, the North Carolina Forestry Service, which is part of the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service.

That new lease begins May 1, 2022, and runs through April 30, 2027.

The yearly lease for that property is $3,360.