Guilford County government is entering into a new contract with the City of Burlington that calls for the county to provide the city with emergency management services. 

Burlington had put out a request for proposals for emergency management services to both Alamance County and Guilford County – and Guilford County Emergency Services responded that it had both the interest and the capacity to offer services that meet Burlington’s needs.

Burlington has been getting emergency management service from Guilford County on a temporary basis ever since the middle of last year, and, apparently, Burlington officials must like what they’ve seen – since Guilford is being awarded the contract.

Guilford County Emergency Services Director Jim Albright said this week that the previous arrangement with Burlington was meant to fill a service gap for the city until something more permanent could be agreed to.

“2020 was a temporary interim agreement,” Albright said, “and we are now moving to a multi-year full-time commitment.”

Guilford County provided interim Emergency Services coverage starting in July 2020, and the county will continue to provide those services until the new contract is official.

The new agreement, after final approval, will be in effect until June 30, 2023.

Burlington will pay Guilford County $151,427 for the first year of the agreement, with a 3 percent increase each year that the contract is in effect.

Burlington will have plenty of other responsibilities as well.  The agreement calls for Burlington to supply, fuel and maintain a vehicle capable of supporting the emergency management program.  Burlington will also have to maintain and equip an Emergency Operations Center for the use of the county’s Emergency Management Program in the city, as well as provide office space for an emergency manager.

In addition, Burlington will provide Guilford County access to networks and other Information Technology tools and data needed to perform these duties.

According to the contract, “These services include, but are not limited to, pre-incident planning, response to emergencies, conducting training with identified city staff, serve as subject matter experts to the City to consult in the event of emergencies and to assist City departments with functions that require the assistance and collaboration with emergency management.”

The county will also play a consulting role in the planning, design and maintenance of Burlington’s Emergency Operations Center.