April is National County Government Month and Guilford County will celebrate by showcasing the ways in which the county empowers residents to live well and thrive.

On Thursday, April 6, the Guilford County Board of Commissioners will vote to adopt a resolution honoring county employees and the value of the work they do. The resolution, as well as several other activities this month, will focus on the accomplishments of the county’s government that make residents’ lives better.

A press release this week from the county states, for instance, that, “On a yearly average, [Guilford County] Public Health provides nearly 5,000 maternity checks, 4,000 newborn home visits, and 5,000 food and lodging inspections.”

It also notes that, in its first year of operation, the county’s new Behavioral Health Center served more than 140 youth under 15 years of age, and that there were over 9,000 visits to Behavioral Health Urgent Care – as well as more than 12,000 visits to the adult Behavioral Health Outpatient clinic.

Also, every year, the Guilford County Child Support and Court Services Department helps get more than $31 million in payments to parents entitled to the money.

During April, county residents are likely to hear about a myriad of benefits and services county government brings to the table. Here are just a few examples listed in a press release sent out this week to call attention to the county’s good works…

•The Division of Social Services processes nearly 150,000 benefits applications and recertifications every year.

• The Guilford County Family Justice Center assists nearly 10,000 victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and elder abuse each year.

•In 2022, EMS responded to 80,000 calls while fire departments responded to more than 1,200.

•In 2022, Guilford County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to nearly 27,000 calls for service.