In addition to health issues experienced by people of all ages, teens face more than their share of certain health issues, such as sexually transmitted diseases, acne, specific immunization needs, teen pregnancy and other concerns.

Since 2015, there’s been a health clinic focused entirely on teens in Guilford County.

The “JustTEENS Clinic” opened eight years ago as part of the Healthy Tomorrow Alliance under the Cone Health Foundation.

At a Thursday, Dec. 7 meeting of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners, the county will accept a grant of $148,323 from the foundation to help continue operating the clinic another year.

The clinic, as the name implies “is dedicated to providing services to young adult males and females for sport/school physicals, immunizations, and behavioral health screenings.”  It provides services “directly to the teens in an age focused environment” and  “helps educate young adults on making good choices and preventing unintended consequences.”

At the clinic, teenagers can also find access to “long-acting reversible contraceptives methods’ as part of an attempt to reduce the number of unwanted teen pregnancies in the county.

The money from the Cone Health Foundation is used, among other ways, to purchase medical supplies and educational materials to have available in the clinic for the teens when they visit.

The county has a JustTEENS clinic in both Greensboro and High Point staffed with health professionals who are experts in addressing teen-specific issues. The care is provided confidentially at no cost or low cost to the youngsters.

The clinics even have a private waiting area where adults are not allowed.