In recent years, Guilford County government has run through security directors like Taylor Swift used to run through boyfriends – and, now that Taylor seems to be on stable romantic footing for once – Guilford County is hoping that its new security director will turn out to be a keeper as well.

Guilford County just hired Vincent Daugherty, the former assistant director of the Security Department, to be the county’s new department director.  He has been serving as the interim director.

Daugherty, who’s served in key county security leadership positions in both Greensboro and High Point over the years, has been with the county for almost a decade. So, unlike some other recent directors who were hired from outside the department, and have come and gone in a flash, he’s a known quantity who’s obviously highly thought of by top county administrators.

Daugherty said he hopes to move the county’s Security Department forward “while following the county’s mission by providing efficient and effective security measures to ensure the best service is offered to the residents and employees of Guilford County,”

Before Guilford County got into a revolving door routine with its security directors, former Guilford County Security Director Jeff Fowler served in that position from 1999 to March 2020. Back then, the department was much smaller and, at times, Fowler was the only security at Guilford County commissioners meetings at the Old Guilford County Court House in downtown Greensboro.

Now, at commissioners’ meetings, there’s security everywhere you turn.

The Security Department officers are the ones asking you to empty your pockets when you enter the Guilford County Courthouse for your traffic ticket.

According to the county’s stats, on average, each year the Security Department screens almost a million people entering the Old County Courthouse, the Guilford County Courthouse in Greensboro and the Guilford County Courthouse in High Point.

Also, the department oversees the alarm and surveillance systems in both Greensboro and High Point and manages ID badges and the access control systems for county employees.

The security department sometimes conducts investigations and often works with local law enforcement agencies.

In the past, there have been times that security officers have been called to county offices to pull apart fighting employees.

Assistant Guilford County Manager Erris Dunston said that county leaders are confident Daugherty’s leadership will “further strengthen the county’s commitment to providing a safe environment for county employees and visitors,” and noted that  Daugherty brings to the job “a wealth of leadership experience in safety and security.”

An Army veteran who held the rank of Master Sergeant, Daugherty is  currently pursuing a degree in Business Management from National American University.