For the most part, employees of Guilford County government are satisfied with their job security and health insurance plans, but they, surprise, surprise, think their salaries should be higher. That’s according to a recent poll the county conducted of its employees.

About 1,350 of the county’s roughly 2,300 employees filled out the forms that asked them to rank their job satisfaction levels in six categories: job security, health insurance, the county’s contribution to their 401K plan’s, their retirement packages, monetary compensation and the flexibility of their work schedule. The employees ranked those on a scale of “Dissatisfied,” “Satisfied,” or “Very Satisfied.”

In the survey, which was conducted in part to help the Guilford County Board of Commissioners determine any needed policy and pay changes, the highest categories of satisfaction came in the areas of health insurance and retirement packages. Both came in with 93.9 percent of employees being either satisfied or very satisfied.   Recently, the county commissioners have been debating ways to possibly save money when it comes to the county’s benefits offerings since those offerings have been increasing in costs, but, regardless, currently, most employees seem pleased.

Where employees aren’t pleased, on the other hand, is in the category of monetary compensation, which is a fancy HR expression denoting how much they get paid. As for salary, only 55.7 percent of the employees were satisfied or very satisfied. When that statistic is broken down further, only about 1 in 10 county employees were very satisfied with the amount of money they’re making.

While top-level county employees often make eye-popping amounts, in recent work sessions several department directors have presented the county commissioners with arguments that some employees – such as some first-year Emergency Services workers – are not being paid enough. Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers has stated that high vacancy levels in his department are the result of the pay being too low.

County employees are satisfied with their job security; 93.9 percent of respondents checked either satisfied or very satisfied for that item.

But employees weren’t thrilled with the flexibility of their work schedules: Only 73.8 percent were satisfied to some extent – and only 18 percent were very satisfied – making that the second to last category of employee satisfaction that the survey touched upon.