If there’s an elder person in your family who requires adult daycare services that they can’t afford, Guilford County wants to help out.

The Guilford County Department of Social Services announced on Friday, Sept. 13 that it currently has funding available to provide adult daycare – and even some health services – to older Guilford County residents in need.

Those who qualify can get the services at no cost – and that includes free transportation to and from adult daycare facilities.

In order to be eligible for the program, the person must be disabled and over the age of 60 with a need for “socialization, assistance with daily living tasks, and/or a dementia diagnosis.”

This month, Guilford County and other local governments across the country are trying to shine a spotlight on the need for proper senior care.  That’s become an increasing concern in Guilford County in recent years as well as in many other areas of the country.

Sunday, Sept. 15 to Saturday, Sept, 21 is “National Adult Day Services Week,” and this local offer is meant to bring attention to the needs in Guilford County.

In Guilford County, in keeping with the national trend, the average age of residents is climbing and county officials agree that there’s a need for more focus on these types of services – ones that ensure adults have proper medical care, socialization and positive interactions with other seniors.

Those who want more information about the services can call the Department of Social Services/ Aging and Adult Service Division at 336-641-3447 or visit one of the county’s two DSS offices.