The Guilford County Board of Commissioners have decided to mix it up when it comes to meeting locations, and, instead of holding their next meeting in the same boring old commissioners meeting room in the Old Guilford County Court House in Greensboro, the board will hold their next meeting in High Point.

The roadshow meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 21, at 5:30 p.m.

On that Thursday evening, the county commissioners will take over the City of High Point Council Chambers on the third floor of the High Point Municipal Building at 211 S. Hamilton St. in the downtown of the county’s second-largest city. The meeting will be open for in-person public and media participation despite lingering concerns about COVID-19.

Guilford County officials gave no reason for the change, and the agenda for the meeting isn’t public yet, so it’s not clear if there are any specific agenda items that pertain particularly to High Point.

When Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston was asked this week the reason for the change in location, he said the board likes to meet in High Point periodically.

“We always try to have at least one meeting a year in High Point,” Alston said.

“Try” is the operative word in that sentence – because it doesn’t happen most years.

High Point officials often claim the city is the “red-headed step” child when it comes to Guilford County government, and the Guilford County Board of Commissioners, about 15 years ago, began a concerted effort to meet periodically in High Point rather than just in downtown Greensboro to help dispel that image.  At that time, the board actually discussed meeting in High Point several times a year – and did periodically hold a meeting in High Point, but then the board forgot about the practice for years.

It’s interesting that the board is now rejuvenating High Point meetings without any particular stated reason.  Recently, Alston has been touting a “One Guilford” theme that captures the idea that the whole county should be working together rather than pursuing disparate goals.

Like other regular Guilford County Board of Commissioners meetings, it will be broadcast across multiple platforms.  People can use Zoom on a computer, tablet or smartphone by going to and following the instructions.

There’s also an option to listen in by telephone. People can contact Deputy Clerk Ariane Webb at with any questions.

The meeting will also be livestreamed on Guilford County’s Facebook page.

Copies of the meeting’s agenda will be available before the meeting starts at