Way back in November of 1992, Guilford County government and the City of Burlington entered into an interlocal agreement to jointly operate Guilford Mackintosh Park in eastern Guilford County.

The park is owned by the county and operated by the City of Burlington.

That agreement will continue well into the future – however, Guilford County and Burlington are about to make some changes in the contract.

The most recent interlocal agreement regarding the park went into effect on July 1, 2017, and was to be in effect for 10 years. But now the two local governments plan to amend that agreement for the remainder of the term that ends on June 30, 2027.

The new changes relate to an effort to “better manage” the lease of the residential home at the park at 1349 NC 61 N. in Whitsett.

Currently Guilford County is responsible for leasing the house to a person employed by the Burlington Parks Department, but the new amended agreement will allow the city to manage the lease of the house, via a sub-lease, to one of its parks employees. As part of the new agreement, Guilford County will have no responsibilities in sub-leasing or managing the residential home.

Burlington will continue to be responsible for all other tasks associated with the operation of the park.

While the control of the lease will be handled by the city, “All sub-lease agreements will be subject to County approval.”

Also, “Any revenues generated from the sub-lease agreement of the residential home shall be included in the financial reports the City submits to the County each fiscal year, which outline the expenses and revenues associated with the operation of Guilford Mackintosh Park.”

The Burlington City Council has already approved amending the agreement. The council did so at its June 20, meeting and the commissioners are scheduled to update the agreement on Thursday, August 3.