Based on the traffic on the roads, the low unemployment rate and the number of companies in the last few years that have announced they’re locating in High Point, Greensboro, Guilford County or the surrounding areas, it’s not clear that businesses need any more enticement to come here.

Still, the City of Greensboro’s Economic Development Office is hard at work continuing to try to make that happen, and, on Tuesday, May 7, the city announced a revamped economic development website.

The site,, is, according to city officials “aimed at current and prospective entrepreneurs, businesses, and developers who may need support with a mix of individualized services and programs.”

Marshall Yandle, manager of the city’s Economic Development Office, stated in a press release announcing the new website that the site will be more streamlined and informative for prospective companies that are considering locating to Greensboro.

“Our goal with the new website is to distill the appropriate information for those interests and direct people to resources quickly and seamlessly,” Yandle said, adding, “We will also use the news page to push out positive business stories about Greensboro and some original content we’ll create.”

One day earlier, on May 6, Guilford County announced public hearings for two new companies that are starting projects in Greensboro with a combined total investment of just under $60 million and bringing 120 new jobs combined.

Last year, ProKidney, a medical services company, announced it was opening a large facility in Greensboro but a drastic fall in the price of that company’s stock has some people wondering if the stock drop will have any effect on that project.

The landing page of the new economic development webpage states in a large fond: Greensboro Economic Development – Opportunity, Innovation, & Growth,” and it adds, “Find Your Place in Greensboro.”

The modern-looking and attractive site includes a section called “Why Greensboro?” that informs people in convincing fashion why they should come here, and it also includes a news section that details the many other projects coming to the area.

The landing page states, “Opportunity abounds here – we’re in the midst of growth that you don’t want to miss. In a thriving city that provides all the top industry resources, an inviting community, and a quick drive to the mountains or the sea, you can have it all. A city of inspiration and creativity where people and businesses thrive, Greensboro promotes homegrown businesses, supports entrepreneurship, cultivates industry leaders, and welcomes major corporations and institutions.”

It adds that the city is  “on a mission to build a prosperous, resilient economy that creates equitable opportunities to succeed. From small business charm to expanding corporations, Greensboro is the perfect place to keep growing. Are you ready for the journey?”