The United Way of Greater Greensboro is looking for more ways to help the community in its future efforts: The organization has just begun accepting “Letters of Interest” from both current and unaffiliated non-profit partners for the 2020-2022 grant process.

In this two-year grant cycle, the requests must be from local non-profits that meet some specific requirements. According to Lauren Forbis, the marketing and communications manager for the United Way of Greater Greensboro, the potential grants will go to those area groups “offering solutions that address basic needs, employment and financial capabilities.”

Also, applicants are being told they’ll need to demonstrate likely outcomes that reduce the number of children, adults and families who are experiencing “generational poverty.” That is, one focus of the United way in the coming years will be an effort to end the persistent cycle of poverty that often causes one generation of a family living in poverty to be followed by another and another.

Letters of interest from local organizations hoping to qualify for grants are due no later than Friday, Sept. 27, 2019.

Non-profit organizations with programs that meet the criteria will then be invited to submit full grant applications and will be eligible to receive two years of funding for 2020-2022.

Every year, the local chapter of the United Way accepts grant applications from service organizations through an open and competitive process. Volunteer-led committees – called “Impact Councils” – select which programs are funded based on their abilities to produce outcomes that reduce the number of children, families and adults living in poverty. According to United Way officials, this “open funding” model allows the organization to invest donations into local programs that have proven solutions for decreasing poverty.

Those interested in applying can see a detailed list of funding goals, strategies and program measures on the web at