Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and Frédéric Chopin are all buried at the famous Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris and the city uses that cemetery as a tourist draw, but it’s not so clear that the city of Greensboro will have the same luck in that regard.

The city puts out an electronic newsletter called “The Gist,” and, in a recent edition, under the heading “Tourist in Your Town,” the city offers up the City of Greensboro’s Green Hill Cemetery as a tourist attraction, letting people know about its charms.

For instance, there’s no Oscar Wilde buried there, but there is the first marketer of Vicks VapoRub, and there are no musicians from The Doors, but there is the person who started our local Audubon Society as well as the founder of Greensboro’s early hospitals.

As tourist attractions go, it’s pretty affordable: For only $5 per person, you can get a tour that will teach you all sorts of local history. Also, all funds raised support enhancements to the 51-acre cemetery next to the northern edge of downtown.  Green Hill Cemetery got its start in the late 1800s.

And it’s not just about the well-known Greensboro buried deceased. It’s also about living trees: On the tour, you can “Identify dozens of native and unusual trees along the way.

You can also, “Enjoy historical and botanical tours, walk leashed dogs, peruse gravestones, admire unique monuments, bird-watch, identify hundreds of trees/shrubs, read, rest on benches, bring your picnic to the central gathering area, and simply wander.”

According to The Gist, all “respectful explorations” are encouraged by Friends of Green Hill Cemetery, which is a group of volunteers that got its start about a decade and a half ago “to welcome the living into this peaceful public acreage.”

 In fact, the group is currently seeking volunteers and if Vicks VapoRub lovers from around the country start flocking to Greensboro to pay homage now that the word is getting out, well, the Friends of Green Hill Cemetery will no doubt need a lot more volunteers.

Visit www.FriendsOfGreenHillCemetery.org and join Friends of Green Hill Cemetery on Facebook if you want more info.