On Wednesday, May 29, the City of Greensboro will send out members of its Behavioral Health Response Team anywhere in the city for a private session with those who request it. The team members are specially trained to handle people with mental illness and those in behavioral crisis.

They do it “with care and expertise, ensuring such persons receive appropriate responses based on their needs.”

For those who want a better understanding of the city’s Behavioral Health Response Team, the May 29 event is an easy way to get it, with a private consultation with a team member coming to meet you wherever you want.

You can schedule for a team member to come to your house, your workplace – or anywhere at all as long as it’s within the city limits of Greensboro.

The responder will fill you in on the team’s purpose, goals, and procedures.

If you would like to meet with someone on May 29, you should text 336-430-4121 by 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 23, and schedule a visit.

The Behavioral Health Response Team consists of Greensboro Police Department officers, licensed clinicians, and crisis counselors. Whenever it’s appropriate and available, the group attempts to divert people away from the criminal justice system toward treatment.

The team is part of the city’s Office of Community Safety. You can learn more about the team and its members at www.greensboro-nc.gov/BHRT.

This outreach is part of the city’s “Paint the Town Green” effort and it’s being held in observation of the fact that May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

City residents are being asked to wear green on May 29 in recognition of the month.

Guilford County government is also making some special mental health outreach efforts during May.