The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention –better known simply as “the CDC” – recently released its latest “Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report,” which included new data on the number of reported sexually transmitted diseases – better known as STD’s – for counties and metro areas across the country, and, according to a research and medical-testing firm analyzing the results, Greensboro comes in 25th on a list of 100 areas with the highest STD rates.

The study of the data was conducted by a research team at Innerbody, a medical company that tests for genetic issues, STD’s and other health-related conditions. The team there analyzed the latest CDC stats on a city-by-city basis and developed the list of the top 100 cities with the highest STD rates. Innerbody also noted key trends in the spread of STD’s. For more complete data you may go to:

No city wants to even be on that list at all, and certainly no city wants to land in the top quarter of the list, however, the city of Greensboro came in 25th out of 100 for highest STD rates.

The study looked at HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.

One bright note is that at least Greensboro didn’t finish in the top five. The cities with the highest STD rates in America were…

  1. Baltimore MD
  2. Jackson, MS
  3. Philadelphia, PA
  4. San Francisco, CA
  5. Montgomery, AL

The study also noted a number of current trends:

  • STD rates continue to run rampant in the South. Nearly half of the top 25 cities with the highest STD rates are in the South.
  • California led all states with the most cities in the top 100, with seven cities. Ohio and Texas tied for the second most cities – both had six in the top 100.
  • Three of the top 10 cities are relatively small (Augusta, GA, Killeen TX, and Shreveport, LA), but they share one thing in common – they’re all home to relatively large military bases.

Here are the cities with the biggest jump in rankings since last year:

  1. Columbus, GA, up from 32nd to 15th
  2. Jackson, MS, up 15th to 2nd.
  3. San Francisco, CA, up 16th to 4th
  4. Milwaukee, WI, up from 18th to 7th
  5. Baltimore, MD, up from 6th to 1st

According to the CDC, over 2.4 million combined STD cases were reported across the US in 2018. However, medical professionals note that many STDs are asymptomatic – that is, they have no obvious symptoms and can only be identified through medical tests for STD’s.