There are a whole lot of people who complain loudly about the way the City of Greensboro is run; however, a recent ranking by WalletHub – a Miami-based personal finance company that offers free consumer tools and credit monitoring – has some very good things to say about the way the city operates.

In fact, for the seventh year in a row, WalletHub ranked Greensboro among the Top 40 Best-Run Cities in the country.

In this year’s study, Greensboro’s government ranked 27th among 148 cities that were rated in the 2024 report.

Greensboro is one of three North Carolina cities listed in the top 30, along with Durham and Raleigh.

According to a press release from the city announcing the achievement, “WalletHub compared the quality of services residents received against the city’s total budget to determine a municipality’s operating efficiency and the effectiveness of local leadership. The website noted inflation and elevated homicide rates were key metrics in this year’s study, which again revealed how larger cities are more complex and therefore, more challenging to manage.”

Greensboro city officials were delighted with the results since city leaders – especially members of the Greensboro City Council – often come under fire for the moves they make.

Interim Greensboro City Manager Chris Wilson was one of those who enjoyed learning the results.

He said it fits in well with the ongoing narrative of the large influx of new businesses that the Greensboro area is experiencing.

“Seeing Greensboro ranked so prominently in this study year after year is very rewarding,” Wilson said. “The data aligns with what we hear from businesses that are either setting up in Greensboro or expanding their current operations.”

He added that the report “also highlights the unwavering dedication of City employees who work tirelessly to make Greensboro one of the most desirable cities in America.”