A recent nationwide study found that Greensboro was just a ho-hum place for singles to live – not great, not terrible – and now a brand new study from Caring.com has found that Greensboro is also a pretty ho-hum place for seniors to live as well.

According to the 2019 Senior Living Report from Caring.com – which ranks the best and worst cities for older adults to live – this year Greensboro ranked 110th out of 302 cities studied.

The Caring.com study looked at a number of factors highly relevant to enjoyable senior living, including healthcare accessibility, housing options, opportunities for community engagement, transportation offerings, overall quality of life and workforce development.

Some of the cities that ranked in the top ten places for seniors to live were San Francisco, Fredericksburg, Washington, Boston and Brooklyn, which were all found to be very “senior-friendly cities.”

Caring.com plans to release the full results of the study on Monday, Oct. 7.

Caring.com is a company that compiles information on senior living facilities and senior activities across the country in an attempt to provide a service that helps seniors find a good place to live later in life.