On Monday, Nov. 20, the City of Greensboro released its latest report as to how things are going with regard to the implementation of the city’s strategic plan for the year 2040. The city still has 16 years and a month to get where it needs to be with regard to the GSO2040 Comprehensive Plan goals – however, even right now, in 2023, city staff and others are already working towards the plan’s lofty goals.

One goal of the long-range strategic plan is for Greensboro to become “Car Optional.”

To that end, a feasibility study is now underway for an east Greensboro greenway. Greensboro city staff are exploring potential routes for the expected roughly five-mile greenway that’s meant to connect the downtown Greensboro area to various recreational and cultural destinations in the eastern parts of the city.

Another goal of GSO2040 is to “ensure the availability of supportive and transitional housing.” The city’s “Doorway Project” is once again this year providing temporary winter housing for the homeless: The Housing and Neighborhood Development Department deployed the pallet shelters earlier in November to provide some shelter before the weather turns too cold.

Another comprehensive plan goal for city officials is to work toward strengthening communities and making neighborhoods safer.

As one way to advance this goal, the Greensboro Police Department and the Ole Asheboro neighborhood hosted an event this fall that included a neighborhood clean-up and provided “an opportunity for resource providers to talk to residents on a variety of topics.”

Other past and present implementations of the plan can be found online. People who want to keep up-to-date on the progress of the GSO2040 Comprehensive Plan can sign up to receive an e-mail whenever a new report is posted online.

Just fill out the contact information on the e-Notify webpage at the city’s website and select “GSO2040” in the “News” section to subscribe.