As everyone now knows, whatever it is that you need – there’s an app for that.

And there are plenty of apps that locate restaurants, grocery stores and food delivery services for those who can always afford to feed themselves and their families – but there’s now also a smartphone app that can help find food for those in Guilford County who are struggling financially.

The Greater Guilford Food Finder App – a new version of a previous, much more limited and less ambitious app that covered only High Point – is now available to connect people to resources across the county that will help them stay fed.

The app can do a lot more than point people to free or affordable food services. It can also help people find resources to deal with mental health issues, homelessness and similar challenges.

One obvious concern is that many people who can’t afford food also can’t afford an iPhone or Android smartphone.  On the other hand, smartphones are as ubiquitous as ever and basic used versions of smartphones can be found at very low prices.

Regardless, for those who can access the app, the functions and information available can be invaluable.

The app can, by location, find food pantries, churches and community organizations that can help the hungry – and it also provides addresses and phone numbers.

Calls can be made simply by pressing a link on the screen.

The app also lists free community meal options, farmer’s markets where fresh affordable food can be found and community gardens projects that can also helped those who are struggling to afford food at a time when the price of some eggs come in at over $9 a carton.

For those who would like to help battle hunger and related challenges in Guilford County, the Greater Guilford Food Finder App makes it simple for volunteers to discover how they can help less fortunate county residents.

The app is the brainchild of the Greater High Point Food Alliance project in collaboration with Greensboro Urban Ministry, the Guilford County Division of Public Health, the Moses Cone Hospital Foundation, NC Cooperative Extension-Guilford County Center, Second Harvest Food Bank and the Weaver Foundation.

The Greater High Point Food Alliance, which released Version 1.0 of the app seven years ago, states that the organization’s goal is “to move from a charity model to a developmental model where community members become responsible for themselves and eventually become self-sustaining, which requires effort and commitment from both individuals and systems.”