Grandover Resort and Conference Center is having a grand reveal of its grand makeover.

The well known resort, hotel, golf club, spa and conference center located off I-85 10 miles southwest of downtown Greensboro has just completed the $10-million second phase of a major renovation project, and, this week, the resort is showing off those results.

Grandover, which has about 250 guest rooms and includes two golf courses and a spa, now has a new look and updated amenities.

Christina York, the director of sales and marketing for Grandover, said this phase of renovations will be much more noticeable to the guests and the public than the first phase of renovations.

“Phase 1 was things you don’t see,” York said, adding that the first phase involved new HVAC systems and other building infrastructure.

York said the new phase, which the resort is unveiling to the media and other parties on Tuesday, Nov. 20 through guided tours, includes a complete renovation of the guestrooms and amenity areas at the resort.   For instance, the bars and the spa have a new look.  There are other changes too.

“We’ve added an art gallery as well, “ she said. “It will feature local art.”

She said that there are other upgrades of the resort on the horizon.

Grandover which encompasses about 1,500 acres, has seen a lot of famous guests and big events since it opened in the late ‘90s. It was a longtime dream of the late Greensboro developer Joe Koury.

In recent years, in online reviews, there has been a lot of praise for the resort from those who stayed there; however, there have also been statements in some reviews that the resort needed renovation.