A new study of hospitals categorized by state found that North Carolina hospitals as a whole rank near the bottom of the heap when it comes to the opinions of those using Google reviews – an online rating system that uses a scale of one star to five stars, with five being the best.

The data was calculated by using Google reviews for hospitals in each state and finding a star rating out of five after combining each hospital’s average score. Hospitals that had less than 50 reviews were filtered out, and the results were then collated to determine the overall average for each state.

The study found that Hawaii came out on top while Delaware hospitals ranked last.

Hawaiian hospitals had an average 3.92 stars out of 5 stars.

Delaware hospitals, the worst rated, collectively received a 2.57 rating.

North Carolina hospitals came in at 2.99.

The only states that ranked lower in hospital Google review scores than North Carolina were Michigan, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New York, Maryland, Maine and Delaware – the worst state of the bunch.

After Hawaii, which had the most satisfied Google reviewers, South Dakota came in second, followed in order by Texas, Nebraska, Florida, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Oklahoma and Kansas – the state that rounded out the top ten with an average rating of 3.54 for its hospitals.

The data was compiled by Journo Research on behalf of personal injury firm Suzuki Law Offices (suzukilawoffices.com)