Spinning Dreams, a talent agency and production company based in Greensboro, announced this week that free movie screenings will be offered at its new theater at the Office Blue Event Center, 2 Centerview Drive in Greensboro.

The theater will feature some small independent films that might not otherwise get exposure as well as some second run well known films.

The theater may have fold up chairs, rather than the fancy cushy reclining chairs popular in theaters, but the price is certainly right.

“With finances getting tighter as we approach the holidays, a free movie outing will fit right into every budget.” said Edna Thompson, the president of Spinning Dreams.

Concessions will cost you but Thompson promises they’ll be very tasty – so good some people buy the food without seeing a movie.

“Customers have already dropped by and grabbed some of the best popcorn and chargrilled hotdogs money can buy,” stated a press release announcing the theater’s ribbon cutting. “Spinning Dreams also serves movie time snacks whether you stay and watch the movie or not.”

The new theatre will allow indie filmmakers to screen their movie projects “with no upfront costs,” Thompson said.

According to Thompson, independent filmmakers appreciate not having to pay anything out of pocket to show their movies since they already went in the hole making the films in the first place.

She also said that the free movie theatre idea came from the closing of Litchfield Cinemas chain.  In Greensboro, that company ran Sedgefield Crossing $2 Cinemas at 4631 High Point Road. It provided second-run films at a reduced rate for years but closed during the pandemic and never reopened.

So Spinning Dreams has decided to serve the community again with second-run movie theatre experiences in addition to featuring local and indie films.

A “Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Royals” is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 31, which happens to be Halloween, so costumes are welcome. The ribbon will be cut at 4:30 p.m. Doors open at 3:30 p.m.. Attendees are encouraged to dress like royalty or wear ballroom attire.

Call 336-907-3021 for information and tickets to that event.