It was a concerned Facebook poster who first called attention to the dog that appeared to be starving to death in Greensboro.

Many who saw the dog with its owner – usually in and around Friendly Center – were alarmed to see the emaciated state of the animal.

In early May, one Facebook user aware of the situation posted a picture of the dog and explained that the owner refused to feed the dog anywhere near the amount of food it needed.

Another poster who commented on the situation stated that she had witnessed the owner taunting the hungry dog with food and then pulling the food away.

Several Facebook posters stated that they had offered the owner help providing food for the dog, but the owner refused.

Not all stories have a happy ending, but this one looks like it’s going to.  After first citing the dog’s owner, Guilford County Animal Service took the dog from the man.  Now, after a stay in the custody of Animal Services, the dog is up for adoption and in search of a loving home where the owners will provide a lot of meals to keep the dog happy and healthy.

Those interested can contact the Guilford County animal shelter at 336-641-3400.

The woman who originally posted about the dog said she was sympathetic to the fact that the dog owner might be facing mental challenges – but, she added that that shouldn’t allow an owner to treat a dog cruelly.

In early May, one person who had seen the dog stated, “The dog is so skin and bones that his head is caving in.”

The original Facebook post got the attention of the media as well as Animal Services – and many area dog lovers expressed relief once they learned the dog had been taken away from its owner.  They are also excited the dog is up for adoption.