Max Benbassat, the former spokesman for the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department who resigned from that position earlier this summer, has used his time away from that job to finish a smartphone application – GateFrog – which is being released this month and is an app that Benbassat said will decrease headaches for flyers.

The app, which will be available on iOS and Android devices, is set to launch this month with information pertaining to 40 key cities and airports across the country.

When Benbassat was working under Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers, in addition to overseeing press releases regarding the county’s law enforcement operations, he did a great deal of work on social media and on the sheriff’s website. Now that he’s out of the department, he said, he’s had time to pursue his other goals, including releasing GateFrog.

A description of the app’s purpose reads: “One slight change in weather is all it takes to ruin any traveling experience. GateFrog app is a new platform launching in September, created to deliver important real-time information and quick solutions for travelers experiencing long layovers, delays or weather-related flight cancellations.”

To take one example of its handiness, when a flight is canceled, GateFrog will provide a quick way to make reservations at a nearby hotel while using available coupons. Benbassat picked a good week to announce the app because right now Hurricane Dorian and its uncertain path has offered a prime example of the quickly changing nature of both weather and airline flight plans.

The app’s users will have access to information such as airport and lounge details, as well as real-time flight and weather updates, and they’ll be able to browse and redeem airport merchant deals.

According to Benbassat, traveling, whether it’s for leisure or business, is often frustrating because of the many weather and scheduling challenges. He said finding the right app to organize all the essential information is the secret to “traveling stress-free,” and he added that he believes his new app will deliver that experience.

He said GateFrog will offer complete information on thousands of flights in the US in one app with an interface that he described as “intuitive.”

He said GateFrog has partnered with top airports, airport merchants, and hotels to provide customers with this service.