After more than a quarter century of keeping Guilford County residents safe, you might think that former Guilford County Sherriff BJ Barnes would be content to lean back in his patio chair at Sunset Beach, kick his legs over the railing and spend his day absorbing the refreshing sea air. You might think that, but you would be wrong if you did.

Since almost the day he left office four years ago, the former sheriff has become a book writing machine and has just announced his fourth book – a murder mystery that takes place in Guilford and Alamance County – that is now available for sale on amazon.

In an email to friends and acquaintances the former sheriff describes the book as a “fictional murder mystery that is as true to life as the events in America which we live today.” He encouraged friends to get the book and give him feedback.

Here’s a more in-depth description: “Murder can happen anywhere, but usually not this type of murder in Alamance County, North Carolina, not in a rest area on the county line. This type of murder happens in third world countries. Alamance County Sheriff John Terry and Guilford County Sheriff TJ Slone find they have opened a box of evil as they begin their joint investigation. The investigation takes them from Alamance and Guilford counties to Texas and back again. They find more murders and the heartbreak of human trafficking and the plight of illegal immigrants. They find themselves at odds with their own government. This story is an eye opener relating to events occurring today in America. Events that expose the underbelly of what should concern us all.”

Those who’ve read Barnes’ three previous books will recognize TJ Sloane – the character was in Barnes’ trilogy of books that included. “Sunrise at Sunset,” “The Garbage Man,” and “The Garbage Detail” – which dealt with a terrorist plot at Sunset Beach.

Barnes said this new book, however, is “standalone.”