Former Guilford County Commissioner Steve Arnold has passed away.

On Monday morning, May 1, Guilford County officials and others were still seeking more information on the demise of the staunch long-term Republican commissioner who played a key role in Guilford County politics for decades.

The fiery Arnold, a real estate developer, was known over the years for consistently voting no on measures that his Democratic commissioners supported.

Arnold, 61, who represented High Point much of his political life, passed away Friday, April 28, at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

Born in Chicago in 1961, Arnold graduated from Andrews High School in High Point and the the University of North Carolina at Greensboro – in addition to attending a bible college in England.

He worked as a general contractor and developer and fell on very hard times after the financial collapse of 2007.

Arnold served as an elected official for more than a quarter of a century – on the High Point City Council, in the North Carolina House of Representatives, and on the Guilford County Board of Commissioners where he served as chairman in 1991.  In 1996, he ran for lieutenant governor of the state of North Carolina but did not win.

Arnold’s obituary reads, “Steve loved the English language, read voraciously, and steeped himself in Scripture daily. Despite painful suffering, he successfully battled cancer in the past and strove with all the strength God gave him to overcome it again. Selfless, kind, and patient, Steve valued his family above all. Steve will be remembered as a loving husband, father, brother, and son, a consummate gentleman, and a loyal friend.”

Arnold was often a lone Republican voice on a Democratic-majority Guilford County Board of Commissioners. However, in 2008, after the financial collapse, he joined forces with Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston, and for years the two ran the county in a rare bipartisan manner.