Former Greensboro City Manager “Tai” Jaiyeoba – who departed Greensboro government earlier this year under some quite controversial circumstances – has been hired as the national transit planning director for Lochner, a company that provides a wide range of transportation and transportation infrastructure services.

According to an announcement of the hiring by Lochner, “Tai brings to the role 30 years of public and private sector experience overseeing bus rapid transit, light rail, and streetcar/urban circulator initiatives across the US, as well as comprehensive land use plans, transit master plans, corridor plans, and unified/land development ordinances.”

Lochner, which was founded in 1944, is a Chicago-based infrastructure services provider for aviation, surface transportation and water transportation customers.

The company’s stated mission is to “empower our team to put their knowledge to work, enhancing communities across the nation.”

Lochner’s announcement of its new hire notes that Jaiyeoba recently served as Greensboro’s city manager – though the statement, of course, does not note the controversial nature of his departure from that job.

 The press release from the company states that, while in Greensboro, Jaiyeoba established the city’s first transit department and began the creation of a long-term transportation plan meant to guide transportation efforts for the next two decades.

Lochner National Transit and Rail Director Gary Thomas said of Jaiyeoba, “Many American cities are looking at cost effective ways to quickly upgrade and expand their public transit offering and make critical infrastructure improvements in the process. Tai’s unique blend of hands-on City Manager experience and successful BRT/LRT/Streetcar delivery experience can help urban leaders plan, fund, and execute public transport solutions that connect people and places and enhance quality of life.”

On Thursday, Dec. 28 and Friday, Dec. 29 of 2023, several 911 calls came from Jaiyeoba’s home with one call being deemed a “physical domestic disturbance” call. Another 911 call was a request for an escort from the house on December 29.

The incident report noted that Jaiyeoba and two family members had “apparent minor injuries.”

That series of events was followed by an effort by many Greensboro residents to convince the Greensboro City Council to release the police body-cam videos pertaining to the situation.

Amid the controversy, Jaiyeoba stepped down as city manager.

And he’s now landed as the national transportation director for Lochner.

A sample of Tai’s portfolio includes Michigan’s Silver Line BRT; CMAX BRT in Columbus, Ohio; the Memphis Area Circulator; the Winston-Salem Urban Circulator; Greensboro’s Hopper Trolley; the Sacramento Blue Line Extension LRT; and the Sacramento Green Line to the Airport LRT –  in addition to supporting various Transit-Oriented Development projects.

The former Greensboro city manager serves on the National Steering Committee for the Housing Supply Accelerator — a joint effort of the American Planning Association and the National League of Cities — and he’s also a member of the International City/County Managers Association, the American Planning Association, and the American Public Transportation Association.

Jaiyeoba is an alumnus of the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Before becoming the city manager of Greensboro, Jaiyeoba held the role of director of planning and assistant city manager for the City of Charlotte, where he oversaw several transit systems and mobility initiatives for the Queen City.