Former Greensboro City Attorney Tom Carruthers – who’s also now a former assistant Guilford County attorney – is taking a new job in the state’s capital. Carruthers, who’s been working in the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department for almost exactly a year, has taken a job with the NC League of Municipalities, a 110-year-old organization that works for the betterment of its more than 500 member cities.

Carruthers said that he has enjoyed this past year working for the county and the Sheriff’s Department, but he called the new opportunity – working as a senior associate attorney with the leading municipal organization in the state – his “dream job.”

In May 2019, Carruthers began working on legal matters in the Sheriff’s Department after being hired by Guilford County Attorney Mark Payne. Carruthers and Payne got to know each other when Carruthers was the top attorney for the City of Greensboro, which very often has legal dealings with the county.

On Tuesday, May 19 Carruthers said he liked working for the county but added that he couldn’t resist this new job in Raleigh.

“I enjoyed my year with Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers and working with my colleagues Mark Payne, Matt Mason and Jim Secor,” Carruthers said of the legal team he’s worked closely with over the past 12 months.

“This new opportunity will be a much larger playing field,” Carruthers added, “and I’ll be working with other colleagues and friends statewide who I have known for years – while continuing my close relationships with those in Greensboro.”

The League of Municipalities describes itself as “a member-driven organization representing the interests of cities and towns in the state. Through their collective efforts, League member cities and towns better serve their residents and improve quality of life.”

The description adds that the organization “acts as one voice for cities and towns working for a better North Carolina.”

Hopefully, for Carruthers, gas prices will remain low because he’ll be doing quite a bit of commuting for now.

Carruthers, a graduate of Grimsley High School, Duke University and Campbell University law school, worked for years in private practice and as a Guilford County assistant district attorney before taking a job with the City of Greensboro’s law office in 2009. In 2014, he was named city attorney and, in the fall of 2018, Carruthers resigned from that job.