The Rhino Times has obtained a copy of the severance agreement between Guilford County and former Guilford County Manager Marty Lawing through a public records request – and that agreement reveals that Lawing will collect his full manager’s salary and benefits through July 31, and get a pay raise in January.

Lawing submitted his letter of resignation as county manager on Thursday, Dec. 17, a month and a half after the 2021 election reshaped the Guilford County Board of Commissioners into a Democratic-run board and according to the agreement that resignation will become effective on Feb. 28, 2021 and Lawing will serve in an “advisory role” until the end of February – though the smart money should not bet on Alston and other county officials calling up Lawing frequently for advice, given the abrupt separation that just took place.

Lawing had been hired away from Brunswick County by a Republican-led Guilford County Board of Commissioners in 2013. Lawing submitted his letter of resignation after it became clear that he and new Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Skip Alston wanted to take the county in different directions.

The agreement calls for Lawing to get a pay raise in January of 2021, when his salary will be increased to $226,104. That’s based on a 2.8 percent pay increase approved by the Board of Commissioners after the November 3 election but before the new board was sworn in.

Lawing will also get a lump sum payment in March for all his unused leave time.

Beginning in March – after his resignation takes effect ­– he will receive five months of “severance pay,” including all benefits such as matching contributions to his 401k.

The severance agreement, signed by Lawing and Alston, states that Lawing “shall voluntarily resign his employment with the County” contingent on the approval of the Board of Commissioners, which the board gave on December 17.