Earlier this month, former Democratic Guilford County Commissioner Kirk Perkins filed to run in the Board of Commissioners District 4 race – a seat now held by Republican Commissioner Alan Branson – but then, days later, Perkins mysteriously pulled out of that race on the last day that he was eligible for a return of his $207 candidate filing fee.

At the time, Perkins provided no explanation for his decision, however, this week, he spoke with the Rhino Times about the reason he got out right after he got in.

Perkins said he doesn’t like to see Republican candidates in county races or other races run unopposed, so he filed after it appeared there would be no Democratic candidate in District 4. However, later in the filing period, which closed at noon on Friday, Dec. 20, Sedalia resident Mary Murphy, a Democrat, joined the contest.

So, Perkins said, he pulled out.

“I’m excited she’s running – I hope she wins,” Perkins said, adding that it would be a good thing for Guilford County if the Democrats could take control of the Board of Commissioners after what will be eight years of a Republican majority by the end of 2020.

Perkins said he has nothing against Branson who represents that district and who hopes to win that seat again next year.

“I like Alan,” Perkins said. “I think he’s worked hard and tried to be a good commissioner.”

Perkins added that when he, Perkins, won his seat on the Board of Commissioners and held it for a second term he always had someone running against him.

“I never had an uncontested race,” Perkins said.

Perkins, who works in real estate and home renovation, said he’ll have no problem filling the time in 2020 while not being part of the race.

“I’ve been very busy working,” he said.

Perkins noted that people should expect to see his name on the ballot again in the future.