Other states are offering lottery tickets potentially worth $1 million to induce people to get vaccinated for COVD-19.

On Monday, May 24, the state of North Carolina pulled a new incentive out of its hat. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) announced that it’s offering $25 “Summer Cash Cards” at select vaccine sites “to offset the time and transportation costs of getting vaccinated.” 

It’s not quite the chance of winning a million dollars, but you could make a million dollars through the program if you drive 40,000 people to get vaccinated.

Only four counties are getting the program, but Guilford County is in the mix

From Wednesday, May 26, through Tuesday, June 8, select vaccine sites will offer Summer Cash Cards in Guilford, Mecklenburg, Rowan and Rockingham counties. Anyone 18 and older who gets a first dose of any coronavirus vaccination — or anyone who drives someone else to their vaccination appointment — will land a $25 cash card after the vaccination at participating locations while supplies last.

The cards are only for those getting first dose or driving someone to their first dose.

Though there’s plenty of vaccine to go around right now, demand in Guilford County and across the state has been dropping since the low-hanging fruit – those eager to do that – was grabbed in the first months of the vaccination program, and now there are plenty of people left who are reluctant to get it.

In addition to a $25 Summer Cash Card for those who get their first dose of vaccine, those who drive others will receive a $25 Summer Cash card every time they take someone to an appointment.

According to a Monday press release from NCDHHS explaining the program, this helps “offset the costs for those who help family, friends and neighbors find their spot for a vaccine and drive them to their shots.”

 There’s no limit on the number of times someone can drive others to a vaccination appointment – however, a driver will only receive one card per visit, even if they bring a mini-van loaded with people.

“We have a strong supply of COVID-19 vaccines, and we want to make it as easy as possible for people to get their free COVID-19 vaccine,” said NCDHHS Secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen – a face that’s on the news just about every day given the pandemic.

“We also want to support those who have made the effort to help family members, friends and neighbors get vaccinated,” she added.