During the pandemic, local and state social services agencies have allowed automatic recertifications of Food and Nutrition Services benefits for those already receiving the benefits.

However, on Monday, July 6, Guilford County gave notice that the monthly recertification process will resume.

Guilford County is telling recipients to adhere to due dates that are included in notices being mailed out to them.

A July 6 press release from the county stated, “To determine eligibility for continued benefits, recertification must be completed and returned to the Department of Social Services for evaluation. The deadline is July 15th. Any recertification received after this date may experience a delay in August benefits.”

During the start of the coronavirus pandemic, when many county employees couldn’t safely go to work, Guilford County government – like other counties across the state – gave citizens a break in many regards. To take one high-profile example, evictions in Guilford County were suspended for months.

Though the number of coronavirus cases has been growing in recent weeks, county workers have begun to adjust to the new world order, and they are now beginning to function fairly well despite the pandemic. So Food and Nutrition Services – a program once known as “food stamps” – will now require clients to recertify each month once again.

Monthly recertification for Medicaid programs will also resume. That paperwork will be mailed to recipients, and Medicaid beneficiaries now need to adhere to the due dates included with the paperwork they receive.

Some things in the recertification process haven’t changed. Due to the pandemic, the Social Services Division of the Guilford County Department of Health and Human Services is continuing to accept documents electronically.  There are a number of options for submitting information, and department staff can advise clients on the best way to safely do what they need to do to get benefits.

The county’s social services call center is open for case-related questions or to inquire about services. Staff is available each week from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 336-641-3000. There’s an after-hours message line as well and staff pledges that messages left using the voice service will be responded to on the next business day.