Hundreds of users of Facebook have banded together in an attempt to get Guilford County Animal Services, the Greensboro Police Department, mental health officials or others to help with a situation of a dog owner whose dog is emaciated – but not because of a lack of available food.

Instead, allegedly, the owner just refuses to feed the dog more than a minimal amount, just enough to keep the animal alive.

Many shoppers who frequent Friendly Center during the day – especially the areas near the Whole Foods store and around the McDonald’s on Green Valley Road – have seen the man walking with the withered animal and tried to help.

A woman who posted about the situation on Facebook this week – and who has since limited that post to a Friend’s Only status to preserve some anonymity – got a lot of feedback when she posted about the situation.

She wrote of the owner, “He has a dog that is EXTREMELY emaciated (like head sinking in). He will not allow anyone to help him with food for the dog. He even taunts the dog. I saw him teasing him with a sauce packet. I have called animal control and police non-emergency attempting to get the dog some help. If anyone wants to see the dog so you’re not taking my word for it, he’s usually at McDonalds at 11:00 AM.”

She asked for suggestions from any fellow animal lovers regarding potential solutions.

One responder even suggested that Adult Protective Services be notified because “Open animal abuse and cruelty is often associated with ongoing mental health disorders.”

The responder added, “APS might take custody and then transfer the dog to a shelter if the gentleman is not able to help the dog or himself.”

The woman who originally posted the story said she was sympathetic to the fact that the dog owner might be facing mental challenges. However, she added, that shouldn’t allow an owner to treat a dog cruelly and essentially starve it.

Several Facebook posters stated that they had offered the owner help providing food for the dog.

One person told the Rhino Times on Tuesday, May 9 that “The dog is so skin and bones that his head is caving in.”

The public concern did get the attention of Animal Control.

Several Facebook posters stated on the night of May 9 that Animal Control had found and located the dog and cited the owner for animal cruelty.

Still, many area dog lovers aren’t pleased that the dog was left in possession of the owner.  Some of those concerned are pleading for the dog to be taken from the man, given the past mistreatment of the animal.