A Rhino Times article that simply announced that the Greensboro Children’s Museum was holding a Halloween fundraising party for adults got hundreds of Facebook readers up in arms and was shared over 300 times by mostly angry Facebook users.

The un-notable article, which ran on Wednesday, Sept. 20, was written to help publicize a Halloween party fundraiser at the Miriam P. Brenner Children’s Museum in Downtown Greensboro.

The short article stated that the party will feature “several free activities, including tombstone cornhole, Halloween-themed trivia, tarot card readings, a chance to pop balloons for a prize, and other activities.”

It also noted that the party, which was held on Thursday, Oct. 19, would serve beer and wine.

When the Rhino Times posted the story on Facebook, it seemed like a good guess that there would be perhaps five likes and maybe a comment or two from people who would post things such as “I’m planning on being there!”  However, when the story was posted on the Rhino Times Facebook page, it went viral and created an intense vitriolic stream of comments and replies from people who thought the idea was outrageous and other people who wondered what in the world those angry posters were so upset about.

One poster wrote “Sick!” while another wrote, “Question: what normal working adult has time for such frivolous stupidity? Oh, that’s right, they aren’t normal, are likely not working, and probably are the idiot generation we are cultivating.”

Another comment read, “There are laws in NC pertaining to alcohol and tobacco use on properties frequented by children like public schools and playgrounds. That’s just one small aspect of the issue though. Whitewash this all you want but it is indicative of bad judgment at best and nefarious intent at worst.”

To which another poster replied, “Adults Only just means there are no kids there, not that it’s a huge-scale orgy!!”

One funny post stated that the article was just “the Rhino Times stirring things up.”

However, the Rhino Times never knew that running a story announcing a local Halloween party could stir anything at all up.

Another hysterical commenter wrote “Just the Rhino Times looking for something to rage about, nothing to see here folks.”

Some seemed to be concerned that there was alcohol being served.

Others were much more charitable.

“I’m all for it!” wrote one Facebook user. “Children have parents DUH! Leave the kids at home for once!!!!” while another posted, “Oh, come ON. The children’s museum and the science center have been hosting gala type of parties for YEARS. So, really, if your indignation was so sincere, why have you not spoken out before now? It’s just manufactured rage.”

Others wondered if any of the haters had actually read the article.

“It’s a FUNDRAISER for the museum AFTER hours,” one person posted. “For all of those with negative comments, I’m assuming you stay home & never go out to have fun. I assume you’ve never gone to a 21 and over party where drinking and fun occurs. Seriously, leave your negative comments to yourself & let other people live their own lives having fun doing whatever they want. It’s not affecting you.”