Former Guilford County Commissioner James Upchurch, who was elected to the Board of Commissioners as a Democrat in 2020 and then turned Republican a year later, exited the board in early October without completing his first term in office in order to take a job in Georgia – and he told the Rhino Times this week that he’s very glad he did.

“Everything is going good,” Upchurch said of his new life in the Atlanta area.

He said he still doesn’t want to say publicly what his job in Georgia is, but he added that it will become known at some point because part of the job – which does involve politics – is “public-facing.”

He has told his inner circle of family and friends what he’s doing in the Peach State.

“It’s not top secret – I have told some people,” he said.

He did say it was an “executive-level position” paying a lot more than he was making as a county commissioner.

Upchurch also said that, when he was a commissioner, he got a lot of hate mail, and even some death threats, which was one reason why he’s glad he’s now off the Board of Commissioners and is also a reason he’s being somewhat secretive about his new life in Atlanta.

“It’s a clean break for me,” he said.

When he first stepped down as a commissioner, he wouldn’t even say what state he was moving too.

While he will still play a role in politics, he said that role spans both parties.

“I work for Republicans and Democrats,” he said.

When asked whether he registered as a Republican or Democrat in Georgia, he said, “I haven’t registered down here.”

Before Upchurch moved to Georgia, he announced he was running for the NC state treasurer seat –  however, not long after that, Upchurch changed course and decided to run for NC state auditor instead.

Obviously, he couldn’t hold either of those positions living in Atlanta so he dropped his state auditor bid.  He said he was very confident about what would have happened in the auditor race if he’s continued down that path.

“I feel positive I would have won,” Upchurch said.