You may have no idea what the “Selfie Spot” selfie museum is, but, if you’re a big fan of social media you’ll certainly want to find out. 

The new downtown Greensboro business held its soft opening on Wednesday, July 28, at 320 South Elm St.

The “museum” is really a sort of large, elaborate, highly equipped fun photo booth with props and back drops like one might find at a photo booth at a fancy Frank Auman party.  For those who want to grab some elaborate selfies, the Selfie Spot offers a wide range of props, backdrops and other visual candy to bring those social media shots to life.  All you need is a phone and a couple of friends.

The Selfie Spot is also being billed as “a museum of sorts” since some people may just want to walk through, see, touch, photograph and interact with the exhibits in the various rooms.  Some areas feature backdrops that are hand painted with bold colors and strong contrasts.

 One background, for instance, is a grass-laden football field.

Selfie Spot owner Antonia Griffin is in the process of giving the museum to her two daughters, who, she said, are both “aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Griffin said that concept is “new and fresh” and has been a big success in other cities all over the country. The Selfie Spot team is hoping that the same will be true for the new downtown Greensboro attraction.

It’s a lot safer to hit the Selfie Museum than it is to try and get breathtaking selfie shots from a seaside cliff, a mountain summit or a tall building. 

One study by the US National Library of Medicine found that 259 people died trying to get the perfect selfie between 2011 and 2019.